Depoexpress was founded in 2004 by three trial attorneys who were frustrated with expensive, low quality summaries and inefficient methods for placing orders. They wanted to provide clients with an affordable, professional, and easy-to-use deposition summary service providing a high quality, on-time product.


Our team of trained, experienced summarizers consists primarily of attorneys, paralegals, and legal secretaries. DepoExpress is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and all of our summarizers and operations are in the United States. Our web-based service allows us to welcome all clients with Internet access.


The DepoExpress team also includes:

Julianne Viadro, MBA, Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Viadro handles finances, billing, marketing, and business development. Should you have any questions about your billing, please contact her directly at 1-866-933-7639, extension 40.

Sulekha Anand, Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer

Ms. Anand handles client relations, marketing, business development, and technical and website matters. Contact Ms. Anand at or 1-866-933-7639, extension 20.