why depoexpress?




why depoexpress?

Q. Why should I choose DepoExpress over other companies?TOP

A. DepoExpress' high quality summaries are returned to you more quickly and cost effectively than summaries from other companies. We provide well-written, thorough, organized summaries of the entire transcript without sacrificing accuracy. Our paperless, web-based system simplifies the way you send transcripts and receive completed summaries. Summaries are page line in format; however we offer other formats to meet your specific needs (see SAMPLES). We can also use your own format after consultation. Our standard turnaround time is 5 business days for $2.25 per transcript page, regardless of the subject matter of the transcript. We welcome large volume orders and rush jobs. The quality of our summaries is guaranteed.

Q. I am pressed for time and need my summaries ASAP. Can you help?TOP

A. Yes. Contact us at support@depoexpress.com or 1-866-9-DEPOEX (1-866-933-7639) to discuss your needs.

Q. I am an attorney. What can DepoExpress do for me?TOP

A. DepoExpress summaries are used by attorneys in many ways:

  • Save countless hours by reading a DepoExpress summary instead of the entire transcript to keep yourself and your team abreast of the facts of your cases during discovery.
  • Easily navigate through depositions using topic titles and pinpoint facts and specific testimony for trial, mediation, motions in limine, examination of witnesses, exclusion of evidence, and accident facts.
  • Prepare yourself and your colleagues for additional depositions.
  • Reduce case costs.
  • Manage paralegal workload by outsourcing deposition summarizing to DepoExpress rather than paying your staff to write time- and labor-intensive summaries.
  • Pass through the cost of summaries to your clients.
  • Save money on experts. They will be more efficient and bill you less if they read deposition summaries rather than lengthy deposition transcripts.
  • Send summaries to your clients.
  • Send summaries to claims adjusters.

Q. I am a paralegal. What can DepoExpress do for me?TOP

A. Paralegals benefit from DepoExpress summaries in many ways:

  • Free up your time: By completing your summaries for you, DepoExpress gives you time to work on other assignments.
  • Relieve stress and workload when you are pressed for time. Let us do the work for you!
  • Your team will be impressed by the thorough summaries, fast turnaround time, and low cost.
  • Save money. Your firm saves money by sending us the transcripts for summarizing. You can even pass through the cost to your clients.
  • Our web-based system is easy to use. You don't have to hassle with emailing, faxing, or mailing transcripts to us.

Q. Why should a medical provider, AME, or Independent Medical Examiner, use DepoExpress summaries?TOP

A. If you are a medical provider evaluating a workers' compensation applicant or an injured party, read our topic-by-topic summaries to save you countless hours compared to trudging through depositions you would otherwise have to review in connection with your evaluation. The topic-by-topic summaries can be organized into topics such as Work History, Injury, Past History, School History, Military History, Legal History, Medical History, and Psychiatric History, so that you can easily navigate deposition testimony and pinpoint the information that you need. We will use the topics that best suit your needs.

Q. I use software to summarize my depositions. How does a DepoExpress summary differ from what I'm currently using?TOP

A. Transcript management software like LiveNote�, CT Summation�, or TextMap� index and annotate your transcripts and its keywords, but they do not summarize testimony or facts. To gain an understanding of the facts and what the witness testified to, you must read a true summary written by a person. Click here to see a sample


Q. Is hourly work more affordable?TOP

A. No. It can be uncertain, subject to padding, and you may be paying someone over $50 per plus benefits. At DepoExpress, your cost is always certain and affordable.

Q. My firm generates lots of depositions - how much volume can DepoExpress handle?TOP

A. We can routinely handle a large volume and unusually large orders after consultation, while maintaining the highest quality standards. We have a nationwide team of summarizers that can respond quickly to large orders.

Q. I have only one transcript. Can you summarize it for me?TOP

A. Yes. Whether your needs are large or small you can expect the same level of quality and service from DepoExpress.


Q. What summary formats does DepoExpress offer?TOP

A. DepoExpress offers a standard Page-Line summary, as well as a Topic-by-Topic summary that is particularly useful for medical examinations or claims adjusters (see SAMPLES ). We can often use your firm's special format as well after consultation.

Q. Can I see a sample of your work?TOP

A. Yes. Sample deposition summaries can be viewed by clicking the SAMPLES button to your left.

Q. I have experienced inconsistent quality with deposition summarizers in the past - what can I expect from DepoExpress?TOP

A. DepoExpress' summarizers are experienced professionals who provide a consistently clear, well written, accurate, and thorough product to meet your high standards. We also have a quality control review and strict summarizing and formatting guidelines. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Q. Do you outsource your work abroad?TOP

A. No. We only have US summarizers trained by DepoExpress. All of our operations are in the US and none of our work is completed abroad.


Q. I haven't worked with an online deposition company before. Is DepoExpress difficult to use?TOP

A. No. With DepoExpress, ordering summaries is easy. Our ordering process is fully automated and paperless, allowing you to send us your transcript via our website. You don't have to be a computer expert - just follow the simple instructions on this site. In 5 business days, you will receive an email with a link to use for downloading your completed summary from our website.

Q. How do I send my transcripts to DepoExpress?TOP

A. Transcripts are sent electronically via our web site. Step-by-step instructions on our website guide you through the simple process.

Q. How will I receive my completed deposition summaries?TOP

A. DepoExpress will notify you via email when your summaries are complete and provide you a link where you easily download the completed summaries from our website to your computer.

Q. How long does it take to get a summary?TOP

A. DepoExpress' standard turnaround time is just 5 business days* at a cost of just $2.25 per transcript page! (For example, if you submit a transcript on a Monday by 5pm PST, the summary will be returned the following Monday by 5pm PST). No other company offers such a short standard turnaround time and approaches our pricing. DepoExpress can complete summaries faster if you need it.

*The following days are not counted as business days: weekends, New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day (observed), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, day before Christmas, Christmas Day, day after Christmas.

Q. How do I pay?TOP

A. When your summary is complete, you will receive an invoice via email. Payment is made by check or money order to 126 Queen St. Suite 211A, Honolulu, HI 96813.

Q. If I become a DepoExpress client, will my password and company information be kept confidential? Will I receive SPAM?TOP

A. Your contact information is used expressly for DepoExpress' ordering, billing, and updating purposes. DepoExpress will not sell your email or identifying information to anyone. See our Privacy Policy for more information.